Healing Stories

The ministry of Project Rachel arose in response to the stories women told about the hurt they experienced after their abortion. The following are testimonials from women expressing, in their own words, the grief they experienced after abortion and how Project Rachel helped them accept forgiveness and begin their healing journey.

Rachel and David

“Often during the last years, I would think “how old my children would be now if they had lived?” But last November, at a Project Rachel retreat, I let myself realize the full truth… that they are alive, that they exist today. I met them in my heart and did what I never thought in a million years I would be able to do – I named them. Rachel and David. I finally began my relationship with them six months ago. I acknowledged their eternal existence, and I love them.

I have heard it said that our children are the ones who keep after us, pushing us on toward healing and reconciliation and internal peace that had always been out of reach.

Please try to trust your heart, trust God and your child to lead you to receive the healing and forgiveness you need and deserve.”

Elizabeth’s Healing

“Many years ago I was young and in trouble. I went to Planned Parenthood for help. I needed someone to talk to. They presented only one option. They told me the cost in dollars. They never told me the true cost that I would pay over the years. I have suffered in silence, ashamed of my dirty little secret, no one to talk to, not even my family or friends.

This cycle of pain, anguish and silence continued until I asked for and received help from Project Rachel. The volunteers at Project Rachel helped me to come to terms with my actions. They saved me by enabling the healing process to begin. They helped me to reconcile with God.

I hope that all troubled women are allowed the free choice to go to Project Rachel without condemnation. I urge all who suffer because of their choices to seek Project Rachel and you shall be healed.”

Cindy’s Burden Lifted

“I had an abortion 25 years ago, at a time in my life when I felt the only person or thing I could rely on was myself. I was afraid, could not see how I could possibly cope with a child, I felt I had no place to turn. Because I was so angry at how my life had turned out, I had no relationship with God, so I saw only one way out… abortion. For 25 years I have suffered the pain of regret, shame and guilt. I could not read the word in the newspaper without crying so I avoided any mention of it as much as possible. Eventually, I believe I had put it behind me. Then I attended a Project Rachel retreat and for the first time, I realized I was not alone in my pain. That weekend we experienced the healing power of God’s forgiveness and love. The shame and guilt were lifted, and as a result, I have come to appreciate what a freedom it is to be free of pain. I thank God, the Church and Project Rachel for reaching out to the women like me.”

Sarah’s Reflection

“For 27 years I was able to compartmentalize my abortion. I thought I was doing a great job until my life came to a screeching stop with debilitating panic attacks. I still couldn’t make the connection until my family physician suggested that I might have a post traumatic syndrome. What could that be? My life had been great… a successful career, good marriage and family. What could it be?? It wasn’t until I went into therapy that I made the connection. I had never dealt with this trauma because to me it was such a shameful thing so I buried it. Now it had finally caught up to me. I wish I had had the help of Project Rachel years ago. It has saved the rest of my life.”

Jennifer’s Journey to Love

“Since my abortion nearly 20 years ago, I had always been pro-choice and a supporter of Planned Parenthood. Yet, as I started having my children, the reality of my abortion set in ad began to shape my life in every way, particularly in my ability to fully love as a mother.

Project Rachel helped me to grieve my lost child. And when it’s a lost child by a mother’s own choice, the pain afterward can be unbearable.”